Accommodation Agreement Sample

2. By way of derogation, in cases where the hotel accepts a special agreement, to the extent that it is not contrary to the law of Japan or universally recognized law, such particular agreement shall prevail over these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. 2. If the accommodation contracts take effect as indicated in paragraph 1, the customer must pay the hotel, on the date indicated by the hotel, an amount that does not exceed the basic costs for the indicated stay (equivalent to 3 days of stay, for a stay of 4 days or more). 2. Guests shall pay the costs of accommodation, etc., as described in paragraph 1 above, upon receipt in cash or by other means through accommodation certificates, credit cards or other equivalent forms accepted by the hotel, at the time of the customer`s departure or when the hotel charges the invoice. 2.1. If alternative hosted hosting is available, the customer`s contract with the host can be terminated and the customer can arrange a new agreement with a new host. 2.3.

Any accommodation contract is a contract for the use of a particular room or apartment on certain dates (subject to clauses 10 and 11). Any modification of the data or the accommodation entails the cancellation of a reservation, unless otherwise agreed. 2.4. If, but only if the customer has paid the flexible rate (indicated in the booking overview and available only for certain accommodations), the following cancellation conditions apply: 3. First, the application fee described in paragraph 2 above applies to the final accommodation fee that the customer must pay. Secondly, in the case of one of the conditions described in Articles 7 and 19, this tax is levied on the cancellation tax and then on the indemnity. Thirdly, if a balance remains, it shall be reimbursed to customers at the time of payment of the fees referred to in Article 13. 10.1. The Guest and the Host declare that they are entitled to enter into this contract.

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