Apple Store Pending Agreement

en dónde puedo pagar la membresía para subir una aplicacion móvil a apple ? Still no fun checking your development agreement on the Member Center to see if anything there needs your attention. I had an app placed under my teacher`s account in the App Store. Agreement in progress I sent my first app to iTunes connect and get this agreement pending under app store status. I checked under the agreements, taxes and banking transactions and I filed a contract, but I`m waiting for them to approve the tax information, so that`s what it stops? When I click on it, exceeds the file size, it says that I exceed the file size by 100 MB. Is this what my application stops, because the file size of the application is about 626.2 MB and I don`t know how to reduce the size. It`s in New Universal format, but I copied it in an ultimate configuration format and it was about the same file size. So I`m not sure what I need to do at this point. We had this issue where we had paid for the extension at the Developer Center (3 weeks before expiration), but for some reason the update was not synced with iTunes Connect. . .


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