Biblical Basis For Prenuptial Agreement

A marriage contract (informally referred to as a “pre-nup”) is a legal contract between a husband and wife. It describes in horrific detail who owns what property, who has what legal rights and what exactly happens when the couple is separated or divorced. But is a binding and enforceable legal treaty between a man and a woman really compatible with God`s plan for Christian marriage? Believe it or not, there are indeed marriage contracts, of a kind documented in the Bible. During the biblical period of the Old Testament, women could not own any property (except in strange or special circumstances). Traditionally, when a man died, his eldest son inherited most of his property and possessions, as well as taking care of his mother and any younger siblings who might not have reached adulthood. This is what was expected of all the sons. But what happened when a man died before they had a son, or if marriage did not give birth to men despite long years together? What happened to this woman? Ultimately, the issue of a marriage contract should be addressed, but this is not the main concern. A marriage contract assumes that there are two separate individuals in the marriage and attempts to protect the interests of each party. It represents marriage as a contract and not as an alliance. On the other hand, the Bible is very clear: when two people marry, they are no longer two, but one flesh. The real problem always comes from your idea that there is a biblical mandate for a marriage contract.

Please point out to me a passage that says that. Even an inductive argument would work. There are many covenants between people that are described in Scripture. Did God order that they be written? I`m not talking about the fact that God recorded it in Scripture. Nor do I ask for God`s covenants with man. Perhaps the covenant between Jonathan and David, or between Joshua and the Gibeonites, could serve as an example. Both were verbal alliances. It is very likely that both parties were not recorded in writing during their lifetime. Is it a mandate? We`re going to get married this year, but we never really thought about designing a pre-nup. .

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