Who Signed A Peace Agreement

The decision of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel was taken with the knowledge and approval of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh may act a little differently, but it clearly agrees with this new direction for the Middle East. The recent agreements with Israel are therefore only the tip of the iceberg in terms of changes in the region`s strategies, and we will have to wait and see what the long-term prospects of these treaties really are. In December 2013, Israel and Jordan signed an agreement to build a Red Sea desalination plant near the Jordanian port of Aqaba as part of the Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal. [24] A handshake between King Hussein and Prime Minister Rabin, accompanied by President Clinton, during the Israeli-Jordanian peace negotiations, 25. July 1994 The UAE and Bahrain have a history of suppressing dissent and critical public opinion, but there has been evidence that the agreements are not as popular or well received as in Israel. Neither country sent its head of state or government to sign the agreements with Netanyahu. The Foreign Ministry reacted cautiously, saying in a press release that the agreement between Israel and the UAE “has far-reaching implications and that Pakistan`s approach is guided by our assessment of how palestinian rights and aspirations are maintained and how peace, regional security and stability are maintained.” [84] He also wanted Halevy as Israel`s chief negotiator. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is expected to be excluded from the talks.

Hussein had bitter experiences with Peres and believed he was an advertising seeker who couldn`t keep a secret. Hussein was particularly upset that Peres could not provide Israeli support for a secret deal the two had signed in London in 1987. He also knew that Rabin and Peres were rivals. He reiterates that other countries will soon make peace with Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was “delighted” that “another peace agreement” was reached with another Arab country on Friday. Eager to establish peace, diplomatic and friendly relations, cooperation and the full normalization of relations between them and their peoples in accordance with this treaty, and to jointly establish a new way to unlock the enormous potential of their countries and the region, the mayor of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, Ron Huldai, congratulated Netanyahu on the “double achievement” of peace with the United Arab Emirates and on increasing A number of plans to annex parts of the West Bank. [38] Huldai also illuminated Tel Aviv City Hall with the flag of the United Arab Emirates. [39] Shimon Peres (left) with Yitzhak Rabin (center) and King Hussein of Jordan (right) before the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty. During the protests, banners reading “Betrayal,” “No to Normalization with the (Israeli) Occupier” and “Agreements of Shame” were displayed. The king`s plane was given permission to fly over Israel en route to Amman, one of the agreements in the Washington Declaration.

It was escorted by Israeli F-15 fighters. The plane flew over Jerusalem and circled it several times at 1,000 feet. It was the first time Hussein had looked at the city since 1967. The Queen said it was a deeply moving moment, especially when they looked at the Dome of the Rock. .

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